Knit-over from 2018…

A fun friends and yarn day last year had #DiViNaRa picking up #NakoVals. Each of us decided to use it to make a special project, but knowing us, we were sure that’s a long term project. Now a special project can’t be just any random pattern now, can it? 😜

I was sure it would be a top, #knitted for me, but just couldn’t find a design I wanted to go with. After loads of deliberations and research, this is the pattern I went with.

Springtime pullover by Tian Foley & Elite Yarns.

Nako Vals – now what can i say abt the yarn.. Its just so rich in color and soft with a silky finish! Team it with bamboo knitting needles and it was a dream to knit with!

The pattern – is a simple pass of yarnover, tactically placed to give you a faux cable look. The result is a stretchy and fitting fabric that workd up pretty fast.

With 2 skeins of Nako Vals, a simple short sleevless top of was easy achieved. Planning to add a quirky touch to it, to make it my own, but here goes… The basic top – completed. 😁

I will add the additional pattern to the top and the final picture as soon as I’m done with it.

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Sock-o-mania 😜

Here I Am… This is me.. There’s nowhere else on Earth, I’d rather be… 😜

Yarn is calling out to me… And am making my second pair of socks. This time its for my Samy boyo. He wants them in spidey colors. So here goes…

Will update the post with the completed one soon.. Fingers crosses 🙈

Here goes, sone and dusted… 😊.

Made my boy so happy, that smile made my day!




First knitting goal 2019!

I have always admired the awesome patterned and textured sock knits on Ravelry, pinterest and of late on Instagram. It’s always been on my to-do list, but seemed like a daunting task. I almost picked it up a year ago… But was a feeble plan that didnt take off. I have made slippers, many different kinds and booties too. This, however seemed an evasive project.

2019: A new year, decided to make this my knitting goal and pursue it. However tough, however messy, I was gonna try it. Just once, I told myself, and started.

Seemed ok, given that I had a few youtube tutorials to go by and my needle sizes and yarn differed from what the tutorials suggested. After some deliberation calculations, I proceeded with it and landed up with this!

I wanted to make them colorful.. I have always loved colorful socks and just cause I’m making them, didnt mean I should go easy on myself, does it? 😜

So here goes.. Challenge 1, goal # 1 for 2019 stands accomplished!

Watch the space for more of my knitting/ crochet goals for the year and more.

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Slippers for the little miss!

When its a BRrrrrrr cold foggy January morning.. the Bangalore chill breeze making ur toes cold and numb.. And your little darling asks you to make her slippers to keep her toes warm & toasty. What do you do????

Simple.. Pick her fave color and a pair of knitting needles and whip up a familiar pattern of slippers in her size 😜.

Had watched a russian tutorial a long time ago and learnt a basic calculation of the slipper pattern which I have modified and used as per requirement, over the last couple of years.

Here is the finished product of latest version. Needless to say, she loves them.😍

Christmas discounts on Ravelry

Festivals are a great time to share and everyone looks to make things special. If my designs are going to be a part of your special makes, then i’d be super happy to extend this special discount to you.

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The merriest season of all!

Christmas has a warm place in my heart. It’s the time of joy, cheer and love. Families, friends and loved ones around. This season, almost unfailingly wants me to get creative. This time around, im trying make my usual Christmas makes a tad ‘hatke'(different). 😜

I love colors and experimenting with them.

So keep an eye out for my makes for the season and what’s available @

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PS: will keep adding my makes and their pics while I can. Please do leave your thoughts.. They inspire me to learn more and make more 😊🤗

My version of a petite purls (archived) pattern – Soledad.

This beautiful pattern, I was lucky to come by.. Is my most favorite pullover pattern. I have made 3 of them in varying sizes till date and am working on a 4th one.

The pattern starts with a regular 2*2 ribbing and is worked in rounds on a circular knitting needle. The sides start with the cable patterns directly in place of the regular ribbing, which was the first thing that attracted me to the pattern on first sight.

The pattern continues the cable on the sides, till the undearms and that just as easily slides and thins into a tin raglan cable on the front.

The way this knits up and its easy of working, is beyond compare to any knit pattern i have come across and its all thanks to the amazing designer and her creativity.

The pattern is listed but currently unavailable on Ravelry – Soledad but you can signup for re-release email update.

For #Ravelry users check out her profile: Annika Barranti

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